More than 11 years Dan Agro Products provides quality products from Central Asia to man countries of the world. Herewith it demonstrates responsibility to business and its stakeholders.

WHY Dan Agro Products ?

– Production and processing both run according to international standards taking into account all environmental regulations and international health standards.
– Convenient door-to- door transportation.
– Dan Agro Products is the producer, processor and exporter.
– Dan Agro Products has the name and reputation in the countries of Central Asia and in the neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and other countries.


Dan Agro Products aspires to be a leading supplier of agricultural products from Central Asia. Ensuring responsibility towards social and economic issues of development of Central Asian region, our activity is based on effective, reliable and safe approach of supply maintenance system to international scene. Taking into account the constant development of technology and the ever-changin market conditions we always maintain and improve the quality standards of our products and our services. Our main task is our satisfied customers and partners as well as the compliance of the quality of our products and the reputation of our company.


Providing and ensuring the quality of our products we are increasingly forming a name and reputation not only within the CIS and neighboring countries but also far beyond the borders of our country. Working smoothly, properly and systematically we constantly develop new trade relations and gain new markets, new customers and new business partners. By providing and ensuring the quality of our products, each day we are forming our name and reputation not just within the CIS countries, but also far beyond the borders of our couuntry. Also, we continually develop new trade relations, gain new markets, new clientele and new business partners by working smoothly, correct and systematically.


We are sure that the key principles of the work of our company is trust, openness, professionalism, team spirit and the pride of the work we do. Our personal and our partners always share the core values of our company such as:
– Compliance with legislation in activity countries;
– Ethics, honesty and conscientiousness in our business activity;
– Safety and responsibilty towards the collective and subcontractors;
– Providing high quality of supplied products;
– Caring for the environment;
– Professionalism and continuous improvement;
These values are reflected in our internal policies and guidelines that are the basis of all our activity within acting legislation and in accordance with ethic requirements.
These documents provide the company’s operations under the current legislation and in accordance with the ethical requirements set out in general principles of activity.