In modern world to have a partner at the global level is a great success. Our company has an established and stable access to the main markets in the agricultural sector of the CIS countries and non-CIS countries and also to Turkey – the center of the world trade in the agricultural sector. This gives us a huge and invaluable experience in world trade, friendly terms with the participants of global markets, experience and opportunities exchange, acquaintance with different cultures and as a result friendly relations among nations.


Our company for many years engaged in activities in the global markets of agricultural production. With each new discovery of great opportunities we get a great experience, promising future, new friends and by forming business relationships with international trading companies we are discovering the great prospects.


Our company has access to the world’s largest markets of the agricultural sector. Transportation is carried out on land, air, rail and marine transport. It’s all done thanks to our experience and well coordinated team of specialists who work diligently and purposefully and also thanks to the fact that we have partners proven internationally as a reliable and high quality to fulfill their responsibility of the company.


Together with our global partners we conduct trade and friendly relations in this area for many years and every year expanding horizons and prospects for our cooperation. Moving together in these directions and overcome difficulties we rise to the high horizons opening new prospects of trade and access to new markets.